jenny wolfe

Let’s talk real life.

Last night, after cooking Sesame Chicken and sitting down at our dining table after a long long day at work, both Gavin and I sat quiet. We were out of steam. And out of conversation.

There was no tension, but a definite silence. The kind of silence that comes from tired legs, buzzing minds and a desperate want for everything to slow down.

You see lately I’ve been feeling like I’m spinning plates.

In our house, I’m the one who takes charge of the finances, the meal planning, the meal cooking… I’m also currently in the middle of organising¬†Christmas, trying to get ready for the baby, applying to be an Australian Permanent Resident, keeping up with socialising with friends… Oh and being 31 weeks pregnant. I know those of you who are mamas/own a business/have ‘busier’ lives are probably scoffing at this and thinking ‘if only that’s all I had to worry about’. But step away from the busy-ness comparison for a second and hear me out.

If this is how I feel now, before the baby comes along… How am I going to cope with him?

Scary question.

And very very real.

Most people’s response… “You just do”. Whilst I take great comfort in the fact that things will just pan out as they are meant to and I am well aware that I am more than lucky to have the full-time-work-plate taken away at Christmas time, I’m still feeling a little dizzy at the thought of life’s responsibilities.

Did any of you feel a little overwhelmed before your little ones arrived?

Do you ever feel like life never slows down?

Part of me feels that it’s just life’s motions and that we sail up and down. Feeling like shit’s too much one day and taking everything in our stride the next.

I’d be eager to know your take on this. See you in the comments below.

Love and spinning plates,



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