• Almost 36 weeks pregnant.
  • Exhausted… To the point that I get that shaky hangover feeling of ZERO energy by about midday.
  • Feeling bad that I used to think heavily pregnant women were just milking how tired they were. I was wrong.
  • Craving all kinds of sugar. Actually eating some of it.
  • Grateful that I time for myself.
  • Getting sick of being told “Haha! It only gets worse!”
  • Feeling guilty for not getting most of my to-do list done when I want to.
  • Reading Istanbul by Orhan Pamuk, as part of a gorgeous little book club I’m part of.
  • Leisurely ripping inspirational images from magazines and pasting them in a visual journal.
  • Wondering if I’ll get my pre-pregnancy body back. Or anything like it.
  • Not talking to my gorgeous little squishy wriggler of a son anywhere near enough.
  • Very aware of how few lullabies I know.


Love and a waiting hospital bag,