I never even wished you guys a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year! How rude?! And I’m sorry.
Truth be told, I kind of get annoyed when my own Feedly feed gets clogged up with greetings graphics during the holiday period, so maybe I was subconsciously saving your eyeballs from another content-less post.

Also, my head has been in the weirdest place of late.

I was taking pregnancy yoga classes not far from my house. They were weekly, on a Sunday morning and I have to say I loved every single one of them and would highly, highly recommend pregnancy yoga to anyone. I looked forward to that 2 hours of stretching and meditation every week. (This is where I did mine if anyone’s local and interested).

One day I stayed behind and got into a great conversation with the yoga teacher about finishing up on maternity leave. I told her of all the things I was looking forward to having the time to do and how I was going to spend my six weeks lunching with friends, milling around art galleries and getting my house sparkling. She looked at me with this “hmmm… I’m-not-so-sure” kind of look and told me that her last month of pregnancy was spent sleeping on the couch and walking around in some sort of transitional trance.

True to form, I shrugged good advice off and thought “I’d be bored out of my mind!!”. Now here I am, over 38 weeks pregnant and all I can think of is the fact that I’m going to be a Mum. I’m spending most of my time battling heartburn and sitting on the couch watching documentaries and Call the Midwife.

I feel like I’m in this weird place in my head where I know my life is about to change…
But… Not… Quite… Yet.

A strange place where my usually motivated, get-shit-done self is feeling exhausted at the thought of hanging my washing out. I just want to hibernate and daydream.

And I’m letting myself.

I know that I will never have this time again. I know I will never have the luxury of lounging and daydreaming with a cup of raspberry leaf tea in hand, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my little dude. Even if Gavin and I decide to up the quota to two kids, I know that I won’t have this peace and solitude the next time around.

So I’m setting myself small daily goals of one or two household tasks and I’m spending the rest of my time in my trance. Because I know that once I make that leap head first into motherhood…  There ain’t no going back.

I’d love to know, are any of you/did any of you feel this weird anticipation and waiting period before your babas?
Did you succumb and spend the time on your ass or folding tiny clothes like me?
Or did you power through and continue to get shit done?

Love and long hot showers,